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Iran Could Link Europe to Mideast

10 Nov 2015

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran has the potential to act as a connecting point between Europe and the Middle East to pave the way for increased international trade due to its position as a major political and economic player in the region.
"In view of its highly important geopolitical and geoeconomic position, the Islamic Republic of Iran could become a hub for facilitating expansion of economic relations between Belgium and the wider European Union and the whole [Middle East] region," Rouhani said in a meeting with Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders in Tehran on Monday, IRNA reported.
"The timely use of the opportunity would benefit all countries," he added.
Pointing to the "friendly and historical" relations between Tehran and Brussels and the Iranian people's "positive attitude" toward the western European country, the president underscored the need for greater efforts to boost ties in such sectors as economy, industries and energy.
He expressed the government's readiness to take measures to lay the groundwork for improving collaboration between the two countries' private firms.
Rouhani noted that the July 14 nuclear agreement between Iran and major powers has set the stage for Tehran's closer involvement in international efforts to address global challenges, but the parties to the pact first need to fully comply with its terms to help build "mutual trust".
"On condition that the other side meets its commitments [under the accord], the Islamic Republic of Iran will remain bound to its undertakings and the agreement will be implemented properly and precisely, creating a sound foundation for mutual trust," he said.
Referring to the scourge of insecurity that threatens the region, Rouhani highlighted the necessity of mounting a "collective campaign" to curb violence and terror.
"Today, violence and extremism have engulfed a large part of the Middle East and if the phenomenon grows unchecked, its repercussions will certainly not remain limited to the region and will spread to other parts of the world," he said.


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