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Tehran, EU Hold "Fruitful" Talks

08 Nov 2015

"Useful and exciting issues concerning the accord were discussed during the meeting with Mr. Larijani," ICANA quoted Schulz as saying.

"We are now at the preparation phase for the implementation of the nuclear agreement. Definitely, at the end of this stage, a situation conducive to boosted economic cooperation and positive economic developments between the two sides will emerge. We should be ready to best exploit the situation."
The EU official said the two sides should help expand cooperation by focusing on mutual concerns, including regional issues.
On the Syrian crisis, Schulz said a peaceful settlement can only be reached by holding national dialogue, adding that the issue cannot be considered only in the light of President Bashar al-Assad's role.
Assad's fate has been a major point of disagreement between his opponents and supporters. The United States and its allies want Assad to leave power as part of any diplomatic settlement to the conflict, while his backers, Iran and Russia, insist that he should have a role in Syria's future.
Efforts to find a solution "should not be solely focused on Assad's" future, Schulz said, stressing that any final solution should guarantee "the security of all [Syrian] ethnic groups" and respect "their right to life."

  Crucial Consultations
Larijani said Schulz's visit paves the way for expansion of Iran-EU ties after international sanctions against Tehran are lifted in a few months.
The meeting covered topics such as the campaign against terrorism and crises raging in the region, he said, adding that consultations between Iran and the EU are necessary to help address certain aspects of regional issues. Highlighting the role of European Parliament in the EU's decision-making, Larijani said, "Mr. Schulz's trip as a leading politician is of great significance."
Reiterating Tehran's stance on Syria and Yemen, the senior lawmaker said crises in the two Arab countries should be resolved through a "democratic reform structure."
It is up to the Syrian and Yemeni people to decide their countries' future and "other countries can only play a role as facilitators," he added.

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