Investment Advisory

Novin Financial Advisory is one of the leading professional advisory organization in the country, providing consulting services in many different financial areas. For international investors who are not familiar with Iranian market, looking for helpful advice, friendly service and presented Iranian finance expertise, Novin is the best option.

Our knowledgeable and qualified team at Novin Financial Advisory, truly care about transferring correctly their perception and experience in Iranian markets to our clients and provide them with unbiased investment advice and doing periodic and customized researches include of Iranian Micro and macro-economic trends, stock market, bond market and structured financial products.

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carrying out customized financial research
Forecasting the trends of prices and supply and demand of stock market and also individual securities     
Commenting on the valuation of securities

And providing

  • Current and historical financial information you may need
  • Full investment management services
  • Consultation on process of taking companies public
  • Consultation on the field of risk management & Controls
  • Consultation on capital and organization restructuring
  • Industrial consultation
  • Consultation on M&A process and finding and offering the most suitable opportunities you have to merge or acquis in Iranian industries
  • Novin financial advisory have a wide variety of specialized valuation experts and industries specialist consultants, has been known as the most active financial advisory company in the field of securities valuation. During the last year, we have been successful for the valuation of more than 20 production companies, investment and exchange holding companies