Private Wealth Management

We Are Proud Of Performing Private Banking For The First Time In Iran. Matching Our Investment Skills With Your Meaningful Goals And Time Frame

Novin’s private banking services are tailored to meet the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals, private equities ,  venture funds, and also small institutions.

How we do
  • Managing largest amount of mutual funds in Iran
  • At Novin group  our investment managers get to the heart of identifying and understanding when and what you are trying to achieve .
  • Services that we offer are different for each of our clients. By developing a thorough understanding of you, your business , your lifestyle, your assets and your appetite for risk, our investment managers decide which financial plan will be most suitable for you.
  • We consider every option, balancing potential risks with potential returns, and will keep  you informed every step of the way.
Our team
Our wealth advisors and investment professionals are selected carefully and their performance is monitoring and evaluating continually.They receive many extensive training to keep their knowledge and information up to date. We try to keep the number of clients per advisor low so that our professionals can provide the  level of focus and attention which our clients deserve.